Roles of Insurance Companies

Video Transcript

Hello. I’m Jerry Becerra, with Barbary Insurance, and today I want to talk to you about the roles of insurance companies and, perhaps, maybe the role an insurance company can play for you. Obviously, an insurance company has a role of selling product but, beyond that, insurance companies evaluate risks and it’s a big part of the job of the underwriter to screen out poor risks. So, that’s something to be aware of, especially, if you have something unusual about your coverage; maybe you’re a business that needs something special, maybe you’re an individual that’s had a lot of losses and you need to place the coverage. Just knowing that you are also selling yourself to the insurance company can help put you in a better position. Insurance companies are excellent at evaluating exposures, they can look at you and tell you, based on statistics, what’s likely to happen to you and your business or as an individual. And that can be a very valuable thing to help you plan and avoid disaster. They also provide loss control services, particularly for businesses with coverages like workers’ compensation, general liability or property exposures. I think it’s really important to engage your insurance company with you and get their advice on controlling losses and preventing losses. And, finally, insurance companies play a very important role in the economy in general. They really stabilize the economy, think of all the investments that could not be made without insurance and think of the risks that you wouldn’t take in your business if you didn’t have the backing of an insurance company to prevent disaster. So, an insurance company plays a very important role in stabilizing your business and stabilizing the economy in general. And those are the various roles of an insurance company. I’m Jerry Becerra, with Barbary Insurance. You can find out more about me and coverage at www.BarbaryInsurance.com.