Barbary Insurance Brokerage helps businesses and individuals in San Francisco and the surrounding area evaluate, understand and place their property and liability insurance coverage. We believe that our role as an insurance broker in San Francisco is in partnership with our clients to protect them and help them recover from unforeseen losses. We do this by providing a wide variety of property and liability insurance products and risk management services. We also partner with related businesses to broaden the scope of the products we can offer our clients. Our ideal clientele ranges from individuals, families and sole proprietorships to mid-sized companies with complex needs. We are engaged in the San Francisco community and regularly give to local non-profit organizations to support small business and social issues.

The team at Barbary Insurance Brokerage brings many years of insurance and financial expertise to bear on our clients’ behalf. We are also appointed with excellent insurance companies and use our marketing expertise to locate the right products to serve our clients’ needs. If we do not have the right product for a situation, we will still do our best to make a referral to someone who can help.

Insurance is a promise to perform if the worst happens. We get involved in claims when the need arises to make sure our clients receive proper care. We also believe that performance is not simply being there at the time of a loss but being an active participant in our community. Our agents do volunteer work and network in San Francisco community because it is our commitment to help other businesses and individuals succeed and avoid unforeseen problems.