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I have known Jerry for many years. He has always helped me or a client in a pinch. Either he or a staff member is generally always available to discuss any insurance questions. Recently I needed extra assistance for a client, Jerry took an hour with me on a late Friday afternoon! Great options for coverage also.
Mark P.
Jerry is AMAZING! He's not only great with insurance, but an important advisor and ally for our business. In addition to limiting our liability through insurance, Jerry also gives us keen and accurate advice and recommendations so we'll never have claim come up! You get so much more working with Barbary Insurance Brokerage, I can not recommend them highly enough!
Seth M.
I recently bought a new car and needed auto insurance. Barbary was the only agency that got me a quote and finally my business in a couple of days. Mariah H in their personal lines department was outstanding. She was responsive, articulate, professional, knowledgeable, and timely in getting me the necessary information. We hit a couple of snags and she expertly guided me through them which made me a HUGE fan. The best thing about Mariah is that she is so personable. I would highly recommend this brokerage based on my recent experience
Ed P.
Jerry Becerra has been my insurance broker/agent for nearly 20 years. I have found him to be honest, caring, and I trust him implicitly. He is always prompt at returning my inquiries, either by email or phone, and has always given me solid advice. I have recommended him to friends and family and continue to give him my highest recommendation.
Eric Y.
Jerry Becerra has been my insurance broker for personnal and corporate for over 15 years and I went through a few before him; He is the best, and in this world of confusion of insurances he always give us the best advise and I feel very secure. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a broker you can trust.
Christophe K.
These folks are great. They handle my business insurance, business bonding, business workers comp, homeowner's insurance and car insurance. They are ALWAYS responsive and I 100% trust them. Highly highly recommend.
Ben L.
Barbary Insurance was integral in helping providing my small business insurance. Where other insurance brokerages gave 50%, Barbary gave 110%. They literally went above and beyond to help me obtain the coverage I needed, and at a much better rate. Thank you Jerry!
Tim T.
Jerry has been providing my company with various types of business insurance policies for many years. He's in Northern California and I'm in Southern California but I have absolutely zero desire to switch to a local broker because Jerry is outstanding in all ways: he's knowledgeable & experienced, honest & responsible, responsive, calm & patient, kind & considerate, and very likable. If you need something that he can't help you with, he'll be the first to tell you and will steer you in a good alternative direction. I recommend him completely with no reservations whatsoever.
Dan R.
We own and run a BIG moving company, based in San Francisco. If you own a small business, it is important to "shop" your insurance. Last year we decided to "shop" our insurance. Jerry Becerra met with us in our office and gave an informative and well organized presentation. He answered all of our questions and concerns. We decided to hire Barbary Insurance Brokerage as our agent. It is one of the best business decisions that we have made! Jerry is a tireless advocate for this clients and he matched us with an excellent A+ rated carrier. His staff, Cornelis, Carlos and Tim are the best! They are so professional, helpful and a quick turn around on the certificate of insurance (COI's). We definitely recommend Barbary Insurance Brokerage!
Fred W.
Having just come from a pretty awful experience with a broker of mine for over 5 yrs I was seriously happy to find Jerry. He is personable and no-nonsense when it comes to finding the right categories and companies to take care of my small business insurance. And his attitude is positive all the way even when I was ranting about some of the shenanigans my past insurance company pulled to suck money out of my company. All of this on top of the simple fact that Jerry saved me a lot of money right out of the gate and even provided more coverage than my previous insurer. I don't think it can get any better and I look forward to years of no-nonsense working with Jerry, which is a true relief after these last few years with that "other" company.
Brian S.
We run a small, yet growing bike tour company in SF which presents a unique and challenging insurance need. Having previously worked with large insurance agency (Sweet and Baker, and with a handful of other brokers), we can say that Barbary Insurance and specifically Jerry, is the best in the business. Jerry was the rare broker who took time to listen to our needs, understand our business, and sincerely find us the best policy around. I can't stress enough Jerry's extensive experience, dedication and passion to help us-- we are so thankful. Jerry cut our policy premium in HALF (saved us over $3K) when our last insurer said that we had the lowest rates around and simply wanted to renew our policy. It should also be noted that we still have the same insurance company(!) and coverage! The broker makes all the difference. Jerry and Barbary will have our business for years to come. Bottom line: Barbary Coast Insurance has the experience and integrity to understand your needs and what your insurance should cost. Because of the complexity of our needs, Jerry shopped around aggressively and took the extra initiative to find us the best policy when no one one else would or could (and we approached EVERY top rated insurance broker on YELP). Thanks so much Jerry and Barbary!
Nicholas H.
Jerry is great. We have worked together for years. He has not tried to upsell me a bunch of crap and he is prompt and thorough.
z b
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