About Umbrella Insurance Policies

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Jerry Becerro with Barbary Insurance Brokerage, and today we’re going to talk about umbrella policies. Umbrella policies are an affordable way to get higher limits over your underlying liability policies. So for instance let’s talk about a personal umbrella. You may have an automobile, a homeowners policy, maybe something for a recreational vehicle, and you need to get higher limits over all of those. And umbrella policy comes over the top of all of those policies and provides a layer of higher limit. And that’s the whole image behind an umbrella policy. There are going requirements on the umbrella that your underlying policies have minimum limits. So for instance on your homeowners it’ll require usually 300 thousand, on your auto a 250 thousand per person, 500 thousand per accident and a 100 thousand in property damage. Those numbers are essentially deductibles below the umbrella. And then the umbrella puts a layer of a million or 2 million or 5 million, whatever you need above that. There are also commercial umbrella policies which do the same thing over commercial policies. So, they may come down over your general liability, your commercial auto policy, your workers compensation policy. However they usually exclude coverage for things like professional liability, directors and officers liability or employment practices liability. So that’s the basics of umbrella coverage.rella insurance policies in this free video clip.

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