What Is Meant by Bind Insurance Policies?

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Jerry Becerra, I’m with Barbary Insurance Brokerage, and today we’re going to be talking about a number of property and casualty insurance issues. Binding insurance is actually the moment when the coverage goes into force, it’s date and time specific. And that can be very important for you, because your insurance does not cover any prior occurrences. If something happened before that date and time, there is going to be no coverage. First thing you should remember is to ask for written confirmation that your coverage is in force. Keep that confirmation until your policy’s received, and make sure the dates on the policy are correct. This can be particularly important when you’re renewing policies, those deadlines are real. When you’ve got a policy that’s up for renewal and you’re transitioning, maybe to a different insurance company. Or, maybe the company you’re with, has a real, specific deadline for getting information, otherwise the coverage is going to lapse. You need to make sure that you meet those deadlines, otherwise you could have a gap in coverage. That can be really critical, if you have a liability claim, because it can void prior coverage. So, make sure that there’s continuous coverage. Even if there’s mistakes on the renewal, you can correct mistakes, but it’s almost impossible to fill a gap. The binding of an insurance policy is a critical moment in time, make sure that it’s done right on the day and the time that you need it. This is Jerry Becerra with Barbary Insurance Brokerage, I hope this was helpful for you.

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