What Is Insurance Scoring?

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Jerry Becerra, with Barbary Insurance Brokerage, and today I want to talk about the use of insurance scoring in the radiant of your insurance. Insurance scoring is the use of your credit score for developing pricing in insurance. It’s one of the many factors that can be used, such as your driving record, number of accidents you’ve been in, age of drivers, but insurance score in 40 states is used as a method of either weeding out certain risks, or changing the pricing of auto insurance. So, what is your insurance score? Your insurance score is essentially your credit score, and things that affect it are things like your bankruptcies, leans against you, slow payment. Insurance companies have found out that there is a statistical relationship between how good your credit score is and your likelihood of having an accident on your record, and therefor, in 40 states they do use the insurance score as a method of rating your coverage. There are requirements to inform you if your insurance score is being used to rate your coverage. I highly recommend you get a copy of your insurance score, which you can request from the insurance company to know if that’s a factor that’s impacting your rates. There are also laws in place to protect you from certain things being used against you. For instance, a catastrophic illness that interrupts your credit history can’t be used in some states to impact your auto insurance rates. So, be aware of your insurance score, get a copy of it, use it to your advantage to placing your coverage. I’m Jerry Becerra with Barbary Insurance. You can find more about me and coverage at www.barbaryinsurance.com.

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